My year 2020 in sport

31 décembre 2020
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My year 2020 in sport

2020 is over. Even if numbers are good, they don't reflect my year with up and downs where I get throw all emotions.


YearDistance (kilometers)Ascending (meters)Time(hours)Active (days)Rest (days, /week)
20206.900101.600411252113 (2,2)
20197.00065.70045428382 (1,6)

In 2020, I was active 252 days which left me 113 days off for an average of 2.2 days off per week.

I have spent 411 hours doing sports this year. By being active 30 days less than in 2019, I still managed to travel the same mileage. The increase in the number of long rides helped a lot.

I passed the symbolic 100,000 meter elevation mark for the first time, which is the equivalent of climbing Everest more than 11 times!


YearDistance (kilometers)Ascending(meters)Time(hours)Count
Δ- 115+ 14.900- 16-8

I have run 1400 kilometers this year.

Mid-May, starting at a pace of 160 kilometers per month, I was 250 kilometers ahead of 2019. Unfortunately, I could not continue at this pace but I can consider running 2000 kilometers in one year if I finish a year without injuries

I finished just 100 kilometers from my record year with all these physical problems. It's pretty encouraging for the future.

I climbed 25,000 meters of elevation gain, whereas I had never exceeded 11,000 meters in a year. While I tend to focus on mileage only, I improved my best mark without realizing it. This is 2.3 times more than in 2019 when I had already increased by 2.7 compared to 2018.

This progression increased the load on my achilles tendons as well as my calves. This inevitably had a significant impact on their fatigue and the appearance of injuries.


Δ+ 100+ 31.100+ 3- 171

I spent more than 250 hours sitting in a saddle to cover 5300 kilometers, including 600 virtual ones. These numbers are identical to what I achieved in 2019, yet the years are not the same.

I climbed 75,000 meters of elevation gain. As in running, I have considerably increased the climbs by 170% compared to 2019 for 30,000 more meters.

I don’t live in town anymore so I reduced the number of commute rides.



Until June 23 I didn’t swim at all. But it was especially when injuries kept me from running or cycling in the middle of summer that I swam to stay active.

We have to admit that having a 15-meter pool on site has helped a lot. I lengthened the typical distance of my usual runs from 1,000 to 1,500 meters. I like round numbers when swimming in a pool and it is still difficult to do 1000 meters in a 15-meter pool. You would have to do 66.66 lengths!


From january to april, I run 100 km per year like in 2019 on the same period.

google docs image 0a2a2089 5adf 55ab a135 d77e50000fe1

Unlike previous years where I took my bike only to go to work during the four first months of the year, I start the year strong with Zwift which let me ride when it's dark and cold outside.

google docs image 0f62ae45 120e 5e95 b80e 778e1131d406

I like to challenge myself. I successfully climb Alpe du Zwift, the exact replica ascent of Alpe d'Huez, in less than one hour.

I take a lot of fun and I subscribe to few races like Tour de Zwift.

In only two months on Zwift I stay 24h on my bike, ride 600 kilometers and climb 11.500 meters of ascending elevation.

In march, I sold with a lot of regrets my home trainer because I move in Canada at the end of the month.

A bit nostalgic, I try to get some records on the routes I lived to run I Toulouse.

Finally pandemic spread faster than planned. Planes don't fly anymore and countries close their borders. I can't move to Canada but I leave the city for the country side fresh air. I go for some walks with Oïka in the woods.

google docs image d78be72f 457a 58cd ae9c 723807338679

I put a bag on my bike and I'm able to procure fruits and vegetables from local producers. The life I always dreamed of.

google docs image b18830a8 aeb5 5e64 8565 6b4f548ac8c8

In April, I feel very better than ever and recover faster. I run longer distances and almost daily. I never exceeded 200 kilometers but I run 300 kilometers with 6000 vertical drop meters.

google docs image 3964e576 3f9d 5b66 8714 df9ee1f09447

I switch from mountain bikes and runs and I take only 3 days off in the month.

google docs image 547f5152 55d4 51f7 abe4 8813f0d2579d

This month was exhausting for my shoes. It was my grand father's shoes. I'm sad I can't run with them anymore.

Les chaussures rendent l'âme après 300 kilomètres en un mois
Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7 HS

In may, I go to Aude where I exchange smooth forest paths with rocks end elevation. Daisy is happy.

google docs image ae2ab64d bb28 5eb0 a80a 2a3a0b2fa2a1

After a week, I start to feel pain from my Achilles tendon. It’s the beginning of troubles. I take a few rest days but it’s not enough.

google docs image 8fd27a56 f69d 55a0 a661 17008eed359d

One week later, I receive the Vibram Five Fingers I ordered before the injury when I thought my stride was ready after years of adaptation. I can’t resist to try them.

google docs image fb4a7bea 6bae 5b38 b909 a3fa5a3e6185

The experience was not the one I expected. After the excitement and the light strides of the first few kilometers, the sensations became worse. My achilles tendons have suffered and now both achilles tendons are inflamed.

I try a mountain bike trip with Daisy who hates bikes. After 10 minutes of struggling to move forward when she tries to eat the bike wheel, she finally understands that we can go for a walk with a bike too!

google docs image 70fb7fb2 1f45 5eb7 8904 314496314087

I can't resist celebrating World Running Day and am running a half marathon a week later but it was not a good idea. The pain has intensified, I try a month's rest from running while continuing to cycle.

google docs image f6d06e73 7ed7 5266 b935 34e08b6948e6

STRAVA EMBED Journée mondiale de la course à pieds

In mid-June, I challenge myself and success to finish my first 100 km with 1000 m of D+ at an average of 30km/h.

google docs image 3cdd8617 2dcf 5676 ba25 4af25086bffd

A week later, while we are going on vacation in Provence, I am looking for nice routes in the area. I discover that Mont Ventoux is nearby. I have to climb this legendary pass! I decided to leave from Bédoin to feel the most emblematic climbing experience.

google docs image 7a83b28e e925 5d19 9a5b 85fd727ef8f6

I swim for the first time this year in open water and I enjoy it. It’s decided I start swimming again when I get back!

After 5 consecutive mornings of cycling in Provence, where I see superb landscapes, I spend two days in Hérault. As I move away from Montpellier, I am surprised to discover amazing landscapes filled with greenery. Not far from the Cévennes National Park, the appointment is made for the next time.

google docs image 4022c556 b39c 5ea8 8941 e5d526c23154

To reach Sète, I ride between ponds and sea on a Gravel road.

google docs image e829f279 d45b 530b b730 d030b9c1438e

When I come back to Dordogne after a month on new routes I am venturing into the Lot.

google docs image 53ec9a6f 4854 51b6 bceb 3f63f9929736

I want to go further. I buy frame bags in order to experience real bikepacking.

google docs image b9fe3871 c952 5af5 a7cc 5d31bdce4f00

I'm not wasting time. A week later, I go on a 2 day adventure sleeping at a friend's house near Bordeaux. I only take the essentials with me because the space in the framebags is very limited: a swimsuit, a t-shirt, the necessary repair on the road and feed myself.

google docs image 5c2bafd5 2688 578e 8e07 d3d806e7e021

Mid-July, I’m going to Auvergne. I take the Volcanoes route but the rain and fog prevent me from enjoying the view.

google docs image c65456fb 913e 5249 a90c 4c3c23295992

2 days later, the sun shines in the sky. I am planning a great itinerary of 105 km and 1900 m D+ which begins in Auvergne to reach Cantal via Mont-Dore and the Tour d´Auvergne. I am amazed by the view.

google docs image 216c5ee7 8312 54f4 9dd7 71bd9bfa5e27

I arrive at the foot of a beautiful mountain. I am told that it is the famous Puy Mary, the highest peak in Cantal, finishing a stage in the Tour de France this year. I want to climb this pass!

I'm not wasting time. The next day, I set off on the slopes of Puy Mary from Cheylade.

google docs image afd2f5b7 6edf 5fc8 ade1 19792050876b

I enjoy myself. At the top, the Pas de Peyrol pass, I am filled with energy. I go down the other side towards Mandailles and climb again to the top by the same road.

google docs image 368e9cb6 fde5 5702 b7ff fe78f4488fcb

Cyclists grab onto my wheel and I pull them for several miles but they don't pass me. I look back after a while and see in amazement two semi-professionals outfitted from head to toe by their sponsors. We exchange a few words then they pass me. Too bad for the photos, I don't stop and try to stay in their wheels as long as possible. Unfortunately, I cracked one kilometer from the summit after 10 kilometers of ascent. It was a great experience!

I'm already thinking about a 200 kilometer route. I am looking for solutions to have less pain in the buttocks and reduce irritations. Interested in bikepacking I discovered the Infinity saddle, invented by an American Chiropractor, which seems to do wonders to the point of no longer needing a short with foam! I decide, after reading and viewing many reviews, to import this saddle.

google docs image 490e5c04 1c59 5e18 938a a3c6308bfc06

I make all the recommended settings and try it out on a group ride the next day. Very quickly, pain sets in in my knee but I'm not too worried. Although the pain seems to intensify, it does not prevent me from pedaling. Then I burst my tire after 55 kilometers and I have to stop to repair.

google docs image a52c3c23 fb9f 52f1 8dcb 85ac9b403176

My body is cooling down and my knee hurts a lot. I am the leader of the group and I do not want to disappoint. I'm trying hard to finish the route I had planned. The pain bothers me with each pedal stroke but I manage to finish by grinding.

Big mistake. In the afternoon, I limp a lot because my knee is blocked. The slightest movement makes me suffer. This is the drama. After the Achilles tendons that prevent me from running, my knee prevents me from cycling in the middle of summer! I take the saddle off and send it back to the other side of the Atlantic immediately. I don't want to hear about it anymore.

google docs image becc8644 d96d 5cdd 807c a85a694d110b

I go for a ride after 10 days without cycling. I have to return after 10 kilometers. The pain is still here. Same thing after another 15 days of rest.

google docs image 8ee87855 be39 5b39 aa4c 75577bc64d49

I swim 37 kilometers in the summer to get through the frustration.

I experiment 4 times the distance of 3 kilometers, 200 laps in a 15 meter pool, by stopping once halfway to drink a few sips of water.

I'm going to the sea for a few days without my bike but I can't resist the idea of running in La Clape.

google docs image 5ff76d00 5b48 5c42 9caf f1a7e037224e

At the end of August I successfully finish a 50 kilometers ride.

google docs image 47c3ddf0 038c 51c4 ba7d fb666fca7f2f

At the beginning of September, when I had just become a Dad, a pain in my right calf began to appear in an easy climb.

google docs image 56b7a657 b60f 580e bb50 591748c8358d

While I already don't run much anymore because of my Achilles tendons, I also have to reduce the volume on the bike. The 2019 curves are catching up with me and I can't keep up.

google docs image 05b70778 cbe2 5e30 afdb 48962fa9f47d

However, I continue to go out because the pains do not seem to get worse.

google docs image 39cadd9b c6f4 5098 9391 38c2bec57cda

In November, I finally decide to go see the physiotherapist who makes me strengthen my muscles once a week. When I run I try to increase the pace between 170 and 180 steps per minute and run flatter to reduce the load on the calf.

google docs image c010168d 03c0 58d4 a49d 1b9e942b9a83

For the Christmas holidays I go back down to the Aude and take my last chance to improve my time on the "Signal de Alaric" climb. The summit is in the clouds but I managed to get the KOM.

google docs image d7d6a506 77e7 5be0 adee 62e1fe15ab1e


I would have liked to have finished 2020 without injuries to attack again hard in 2021 but I will have to contain myself a bit more.

At the end of December, I still have pain in both Achilles tendons and my right calf. The hardest part seems to be behind me, however. The pain bothers me but does not prevent me from practicing. I must, however, force myself to stay in my comfort zone.

However, the picture is not all black. While injuries also ruined the party, I'm proud to see how much I accomplished when I look back:

  • Running
    • 1400 km
    • 25.000 m D+
    • 300 km in one month
    • 6000 m D+ in one month
  • Cycling
    • 5300 km
    • 75.000 m D+
    • 7 GranFondo (+ 100 kilometers)
    • 1 ride of 100 km 1000 D+ at 30km/h
    • 1300 km in one month
    • 12.000 D+ in one month
    • "Mont Ventoux" climb
    • "Puy Mary" climb
    • Bikepacking
  • Swimming
    • 37 km
    • 4 times 3 km

Despite all the misfortunes that slowed me this year, I made further progress on many points and 2020 was a year of new records.

Hopefully the results for 2021 will be as positive.